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    How do I get the ID from a snapshot during creation via API?

    When I create a snapshot via API it returns an ID which I then store in my database. But when I list my snapshots later they all have different ID's, is the snapshot ID changing over time or does the API return the wr...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @chadlwilliams, As @hansen already said, when you execute Snapshot actions, it returns an action ID, not a snapshot ID. API docs ( states it:...
    2 By chadlwilliams API
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    How do I authenticate to the console with a PUT request to avoid logging in?

    I'm trying to access the console using the url (something like:<ID>/console?nolayout=true&i=<OtherID>), but I when I use the URL while not logged in to the control panel I'm as...
    1 By chadlwilliams Control Panels