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    GitLab One Click Application Not Working Anymore

    Dear DigitalOcean, Today I'm created a GitLab One-Click application. It's not working any more. When I check logs it says gitlab-ctl: command not found 😠 Please take a look at this issue. I have wasted 3 hours of my t...
    1 By chandranakka Git DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    Is load balancers decrease bandwidth speed?

    I'm planned to use load balancer to my droplets. But, I'm concern about bandwidth speed. If I have two droplets with 50Mbps speed (for each droplet). I can serve content to 100 visitors with 1Mbps speed at the same ti...
    Accepted Answer: @chandranakka Using a Load Balancer won't cut download speeds, it simply balances incoming requests and directs them to a server in your configured cluster. If you're using DigitalOcean's Load Balancer service, you w...
    1 By chandranakka Load Balancing