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    Creating an Authenticated API on DigitalOcean

    Create an API that has authentication and authorization so that certain resources are only accessible by certain users.
    By Chris On Code API Tech Talks
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    Consuming a Custom API With React

    We have built a custom API with Strapi in the past. Now that we have some data, a dashboard, and a REST API, let's use JavaScript and React to consume that API. We will build a simple app and talk about grabbing data ...
    By Chris On Code API Tech Talks React
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    Building Custom APIs With Strapi

    Let's build a custom API – quickly! Using Strapi, a Node CMS, we can create our own APIs in very little time without having to write Node code, from a clean dashboard. Get up and running with a REST API or GraphQL API.
    By Chris On Code API Tech Talks
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    Developing Your App, From Front to Back: Building a SaaS

    In this talk, we’ll recommend specific technologies – leveraging systems you run yourself – as well as managed options that can help you bring your idea to market faster.
    By Chris On Code Tech Talks API JavaScript
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    Putting the 'A' in JAMStack With Headless CMS

    Learn JAMStack (Javacscript, APIs, and Markup) best practices, and how to set up your API layer by running headless CMS on DigitalOcean Droplets. Get a brief overview of three the most popular free, open source CMS pl...
    By Chris On Code JavaScript API Tech Talks CMS WordPress Ghost
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    Getting Started with React Hooks

    React Hooks are a great new feature in React 16.8. Hooks are a feature that you'll end up using every single day of your React development. Hooks are useful because they enable more features for developers. If you wan...
    By Chris On Code React JavaScript
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    Using Create React App v2 and TypeScript

    Create React App v2 introduced official TypeScript support, allowing JavaScript users to use TypeScript with the React front-end framework. TypeScript is a powerful tool that helps to write safer, self-documenting cod...
    By Chris On Code React Development JavaScript
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    How To Replace All Instances of a String in JavaScript

    Replacing text in strings is a common task in JavaScript. In this article you'll look at using replace and regular expressions to replace text.
    By Chris On Code JavaScript
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    Write React Faster with the Simple React Snippets VSCode Extension

    Snippets are a way to save time on development. Read this tutorial for a quick summary of using Simple React Snippets.
    By Chris On Code React JavaScript Development VS Code