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    How to connect a Droplet hosting a site to an app hosting an API

    I have a DO app with a react application. This application connects to my DO Droplet to retrieve some search results. When I attempt to connect from my development environment the Droplet, it returns data and the loc...
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    Unable to get python app running from a remote and close connection

    I have a bitbucket pipeline file bitbucket-pipelines.yml which executes the file on my DO droplet each time a new commit is made to the main branch. On DO, in turn calls which performs a s...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @christianmacedo, I could suggest using Supervisor as a more robust solution. You can follow the steps on how to install Supervisor here:
    1 By christianmacedo Python DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Unable to connect to flask api on droplet. 'Failed to open page'

    I'm following this tutorial ( and I'm having trouble accessing the api I've placed on a Digital Ocean droplet. The api has the host defined in ma...
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    Unable to connect to my SFTP: Authentication Failed

    Sorted. I booted into recovery mode and modified my password. Once done I could get into the console and SFTP in. Thank…
    By christianmacedo
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    Unable to connect to my SFTP: Authentication Failed

    I'm following the instructions here ( however I'm not able to connect to my droplet and I get the...
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