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    Requests from PhantomJS being blocked

    I have no specific solution here but I have had problems in the past with web page renderers when underlying package dependencies a…
    By cjtdev
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    App Platform Logs - Retrieve past run errors

    I have been running a node.js app using the App Platform since last year. I am having occasional errors from users submitting information which I have been able to see through log messages (through the control panel)....
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, I believe that the run logs are only stored to stdout and stderr so once the container is redeployed the logs are cleared out. I've seen a similar question here, where a community member was looking for a wa...
    1 By cjtdev DigitalOcean App Platform Logging
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    How to add my DigitalOcean App as a trusted resource for my Managed Database

    Just want to add a +1 to this request. I understand the App Platform has floating IPs but restricting access to a managed database …
    By cjtdev