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    Daily auto Backup Script not working

    I'm using the script on this page: to set up automatic daily backups. I'm only changing the token and id on line 153, however my droplet is...
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    Welcome to nginx! after droplet backup restore (emergency)

    I’ve restored the droplet once again to start over, this time I immediately stopped nginx and restarted apache as sudo. I wasn’t re…
    By ClintonLee83
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    Welcome to nginx! after droplet backup restore (emergency)

    My client has paid ads and visitors coming to their site and they're going crazy, so I'm a little frustrated here. After restoring a droplet from when the site worked, I'm getting "Welcome to ngi...
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    Postfix: SASL authentication failed (Ubuntu 14.04 / Office365)

    I'm unable to get postfix to work with our office 365 mail. here's the file: ``` smtpdbanner = $myhostname ESMTP $mailname (Ubuntu) biff = no appenddotmydomain = no readme_directory = no smtpdtlscertfile=/etc/...
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    Why am I getting a redirect error when trying to use www? non www works fine

    I'm moving our site to a new server. The site on our old shared hosting works great, it's just a little slow. The problem I'm having is that after installing unbuntu/apache on the new server and transfering the site ...
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