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    Ubuntu 14.04/Serverpilot running CGI Scripts

    Got an odd Serverpilot query. My client wants FTP access to a subfolder on the site - loathe to let them have full access so created a user with access to /home/FTPUSER and symlink to this from my /srv/users/serverpil...
    Accepted Answer: You might need to have that custom user's home directory somewhere under /srv/users due to that being the suexec root in ServerPilot's Apache build. That is, maybe Apache is refusing to execute these scripts for secur...
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    Updating host on Nginx (reverse proxy with Apache)

    I have set up a droplet on D/O and am using serverpilot to configure apps on the droplet to manage multiple domains. I am struggling to update the path/root for individual domains. I have tried updating the /etc/ngin...
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    Manual SSL set-up

    I have been given some SSL certificates to migrate to a new host (on Digital Ocean/Server Pilot). I am setting up a ssl.conf as discussed in this thread ->
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