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    MariaDB Configuration - mysql tuner recommendations

    Hi all. I am running CentOS 8 with nginx for wordpress. I have run the mysql tuner and below are the general recommendations: *****General recommendations: MySQL was started within the last 24 hours - recommendati...
    1 By colinshaun77Eel MariaDB CentOS 8 CentOS Nginx
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    Updating & Upgrading When Needed - MariaDB & Ubuntu

    I am new to using a VPS and was hoping that someone could advise me on the following: If I build a wordpress blog on Ubuntu 20.04 vps then MariaDB installs with version 10.3. Although this is not the latest version, I...
    1 By colinshaun77Eel Ubuntu 20.04 MariaDB WordPress DigitalOcean
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    Mariadb my.cnf advice please - Centos8

    Hi everyone I have a $10 droplet running on NGINX and MariaDB 10.3 for my own Wordpress blog. I might in the future add 1 more blog to the server, but that will be the maximum. Anyhow, I need to create a my.cnf file f...
    1 By colinshaun77Eel CentOS 8 CentOS MariaDB