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    Wrong time for some seconds after reboot

    We have a Ruby application that uses in order to get the current time (and sign some requests that are time-sensitive). Every time that we reboot the droplet (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) the time returned is completely...
    2 By collimarco Ubuntu Ruby Ruby on Rails
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    Managed databases: major version upgrades

    Are major version upgrades *(e.g. PG v11 -> PG v12) *handled automatically by DigitalOcean? Otherwise, do you manually have to export the dump and import it in a new updated cluster? I can't find any information in th...
    1 By collimarco Databases
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    Is the physical location (datacenter) of backups the same as the droplet?

    What is the physical location of droplet backups? Are they kept in the same datacenter?
    1 By collimarco DigitalOcean
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    Build droplet from Docker image (or similar)

    Is it possible to define the contents / configuration of a droplet using a declarative approach? Basically I would like to use something like a Dockerfile to define the contents of the droplet. I don't want to launch ...
    1 By collimarco Configuration Management
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    Max number of IPs for each firewall rule

    In the DO firewall documentation I read that firewalls are limited to 50 rules. However, how many IPs (or IP ranges) I can insert in a firewall rule? For example, if I want to block a list of hundreds/thousands of IP...
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    Is Load balancing limited at 1000 requests per second?

    Yes, it’s true. We have the same problem. Our backend can handle 70k client / s (7k * 10 servers), while the load balancer limits …
    By collimarco
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    DO load balancer: What is the queue?

    Near each droplet associated to the load balancer there's a "queue" value. Its value is usually 0 in my case. How is the queue calculated? Is it the number of connections that are currently open with that server? Is ...
    3 By collimarco Load Balancing
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    DO Load Balancer: what happens if a server becomes unavailable before it is detected as unhealthy?

    I mean, suppose that the healthy check is performed every 10 seconds and the server is removed from the list after 3 consecutive failures. The whole process takes 30 seconds. What happens in that 30 seconds if I turn ...
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    Are backups / live snapshots atomic?

    I would like to know if DO live snapshots and backups are atomic. I mean, do they create a point in time snapshot of the file system? I'm asking this because if live snapshots are atomic, then I can safely backup Post...
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