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    haproxy and authentication

    I' have two nodes with roundcube mail server and postfix. the goal i wish to recive is to be able to balance users to use serwer1 or server2 if logging users are big. the problem i have is that , I cant authenticate t...
    1 By cr3ativeprogrammer Nginx Load Balancing Debian 9
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    postfix dovecot and microsoft AD

    Im trying to set up postfix dovecot and active directory mail server. the problem is that i cant authenticate with roundcube to my ad server and i cant sent or recive email. tomorow i will publish some logs. postfix m...
    0 By cr3ativeprogrammer Email Debian 9
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    Upgrade php on Ubuntu 14.04

    php 5.6 is verry old version of php. Wordpress will work with php 7.0 witch is in standard repo , or you can use above mentored rep…
    By cr3ativeprogrammer
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    Private Network

    Droplets always have public ip, they can have private ip if u choose to have private networking on. you can always set firew…
    By cr3ativeprogrammer