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    Webadmin Let'sencrypt ssl configuration on Apache.

    Hi Everyone, I was able to login into webadmin with domain(domain-name:10000) and created user, changed the root password, and obtained a self-signed certificate(cert and key). I followed the path (/home/user/ssl.key/...
    1 By credd3 Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to fix DNS resolution?

    @unixynet After following the information you provided, I was able to resolve my DNS. I greatly appreciate your input and thank y…
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    How to fix DNS resolution?

    Hi Everyone, newbie here. I have set up and redirected my domian with (AWS Route53) to Digital Ocean nameserver but I am still have problem with DNS resolution. I ran a demo app in Python (using Django) virtual envir...
    2 By credd3 DNS Ubuntu 18.04