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    Add Volume to wordpress/content/uploads

    Hello, I have a WordPress site, how can I expand the current storage? Because if I buy Volumes it will be like if I plugged in another HD to my computer, is it possible to expand the existing volume into purchased blo...
    1 By CrypticCube WordPress Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    Installing Discourse alongside Apache websites

    I want to install Discourse on a VPS with 2 other website hosted with Apache and LetsEncrypt. How do I go about installing Discourse? When I try to install it says port 80 is already in use.
    1 By CrypticCube Apache Docker Ubuntu 16.04
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    Start screens automatically after rebooting the server

    Hello, I was wondering how I can have some bots start automatically after boot. I have a music bot on a vps for a discord server and I was wondering how to have it start backup automatically from its directory. I am r...
    1 By CrypticCube DigitalOcean Linux Commands Ubuntu
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    IRC Channel on Ubuntu Server

    Is it possible for me to create an IRC Channel on my Ubuntu Server? If so How?
    1 By CrypticCube DigitalOcean Messaging
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    Website/TeamSpeak/Podcast Hosting

    Hello, I installed TeamSpeak on /home/teamspeak and it is working without any issues.
    By CrypticCube
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    Website/TeamSpeak/Podcast Hosting

    If I create a droplet with Application > WordPress Can I use it for hosting audio files for podcast (including XML file) And also host TeamSpeak in there?
    1 By CrypticCube WordPress DigitalOcean Ubuntu
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    Custom Domain for MC Server on ubuntu

    I was reading this is it possible for the service to have a custom domain? Like can I setup a sub-domain i can use for a mc server? i.e. ...
    3 By CrypticCube