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    How to use caddy server as reverse proxy with apache?

    I am using apache server for my PHP web app which lets users use their custom domain, I've done with the domain mapping but I want to add SSL to their domain. Caddy was a great solution for this situation, so I replac...
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    How to add an Lets encrypt certificate dynamically using CNAME verification?

    I have been working on a web app where users can create custom profiles of them and see it on their custom domain by adding an A record and CNAME record. If they have their profile on they c...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, If I understand this correctly, it sounds like that you need some kind of automation to create a new Nginx server block for each website, and then install the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for the new domain. T...
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    How do I set up wildcard *DOMAIN* on my droplet?

    I'm working on a webapp where users can connect their profile to their domains, but how do I enable wildcard dns in digitalocean? Using vhosts or from the domain panel? Eg: If the user profile is
    Accepted Answer: @Cybil Here is the approach I would take: Update DNS to direct all subdomain requests to your Droplet Add your domain without any subdomains to the DO Control Panel. add root domain https://screencap.nyc3.c...
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    Custom 404 not working in my nginx droplet, please help?

    I'm am new in nginx and before I user apache web server. So I got to know that .htaccess does not works in nginx, after doing some research I got to know about nginx.conf. When I added the 404 code in http inside serv...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Not sure if you saw this tutorial during your research: It's a little older but I think it covers t...
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    How to add a subdomain on a different droplet/server?

    I have 2 servers on which one have wordpress site on root domain "" and i want to open a discourse forum on other server on my subdomain "". And my root domain is using cloudlflare. So when...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Can you confirm if you've followed these steps here in: Login to Cloudflare Use the drop-down menu in the upper left of your screen and click your domain that you want to install the subdomain on. Click the DNS ic...
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    How to add just a subdomain on a new droplet?

    Hello, i have a droplet which has a Wordpress website and it is on my main domain "", i need to create a forum which is a discourse forum. So i created a droplet with one-click discourse from market...
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    My subdomain showing me main website?

    Im trying to create a subdomain and the main domain is a wordpress site! Whenever i try to configure as shown in digitalocean tutorials and same in all other tutorials to create a subdomain, my subdomain shows me the ...
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    How to create a subdomain of one click Wordpress in same droplet??

    Its almost been an month I'm researching on how to create a subdomain of one click wordpress install in same droplet, but there are no proper tutorials or guide for it. Some help would be appreciated!!
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! While I can't give you a step by step on this, I can help you widen your search. If you're searching for how to do this on our one-click image, you're limiting the results too far. Basically, this is the q...
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