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    Postfix does not receive messages

    Hi. I setup postfix on my Ubuntu 18.0.4 by some tutorials. It sends mails to other boxes(like my email on gmail). I already get certificate and configurate tls. But I can not receive any email. Postfix is listening 25...
    1 By d3m1doff Ubuntu 18.04 Email
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    No Internet connection after update Ubuntu to 18.04

    Hi. So after update OS I cannot connect to my droplet by SSH. Only way I can access my machine is using "Access Console" page in DO site. When I try to ping anything - I get error "Network is unreachable" ( too...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, @d3m1doff What happens when you execute ifconfig -a can you see the eth0 interface listed? If this one is not present then we will need to sort this out. I know that sometimes some packages can be uninstalled som...
    1 By d3m1doff Ubuntu 18.04 Networking