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    How to send requests to node js from react server by nginx with ssl?

    I have an app with an nginx server with ssl setup serving files generated from a react project. The front end is supposed to interrogate a node back end by sending requests to port 8000 on same machine. How should I m...
    1 By d4ng3r09 Nginx Node.js React
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    How to reduce droplet creation time?

    I want to create a droplet from an existing image. However, the main issue I am facing is that the creation process is a bit slow compared to my needs. Are they any available ways to accelerate droplets creation from ...
    1 By d4ng3r09 Building on DigitalOcean
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    How to restrict token use withint applications of specific IP address?

    I am using digital ocean's python api. I generated a token and successfully created a couple of droplets using snapshots. In order to make the use of the token safer, is there a way to restrict the use of the token fr...
    1 By d4ng3r09 DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl)