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    My PostgreSQL Cluster won't deploy.

    The progress bar stopped at a certain point and that's it... I can't cancel it or create a new cluster and that's really sad. Now I'm stuck because your api or system doesn't allow me to cancel or create a second clus...
    1 By damiantoczek DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    ERROR when trying to access my managed Database Droplet

    Hello, I imagined that my managed droplets will be easier to use but I'm getting errors on PostgreSQL and mySQL. server.js ``` const http = require("http"), port = 8080; const mysql = require("mysql") const conn = mys...
    1 By damiantoczek Databases
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    How can I deploy

    Hi, for about two weeks, I'm trying to deploy Strapi, but I'm unable to access the Admin panel. I don't know how to do it, I'm so frustrated, and I want to use Strapi because I like it so much, I've played with it on ...
    3 By damiantoczek Deployment Node.js
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    Can I redirect my Emails back to my domain provider?

    Hello, My domains are registered at OVH. I'm able to send emails but not receive. The only thing I've done is to change the DNS servers to DigitalOcean. I have a Email plan at OVH for my emails that I want to keep usi...
    1 By damiantoczek Email
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    Why are my server blocks not working on nginx CentOS, they redirect to default nginx folder?

    I was following this guide here: here are my two pages: Both show the default Nginx page. conf...
    3 By damiantoczek Nginx
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    How do I setup my Domain DNS zones types etc?

    Hello, i don't know what happen but my website stopped redirecting to my droplet. I enabled some geocaching stuff and it just broke. Let's say I deleted all my DNS Zone entries it's empty. How do I make my domain work...
    1 By damiantoczek DNS CentOS
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    How to use the PostgreSQL droplet with NodeJS?

    Hello dear DigitalOcean Community, I want to use a database for my NginX + NodeJS project that I'm working on. I surely need a SQL and a NoSQL database for my project. 1. What's the difference between getting a Prostg...
    1 By damiantoczek Node.js PostgreSQL Databases CentOS