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    Why is OpenDKIM not signing my mails using postfix?

    Hi guys! I am currently setting up OpenDKIM. I have followed the tutorial on this website but for some reason all the mails are not being signed. Here my configurations: Postfix: OpenDKIM...
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    Subdomain in Apache2 VirtualHost is being ignored

    Thanks, I got it working!
    By danieleckhoff
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    Subdomain in Apache2 VirtualHost is being ignored

    Hi all, On I want to run Mailman3. Mailman3 works perfectly in a Docker Container on my Droplet. So I wrote a VirtualHost like this: ``` <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName Include /etc...
    Accepted Answer: It seems as if the SSL cert you have in the vhost is not for So if you don't actually have the SSL cert for in the vhost block, it'll translate to going to https://IP/ instead and ...
    2 By danieleckhoff Apache DNS Ubuntu 16.04