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    My site may be under DDOS

    Добрый день! Характеристики моего дроплета: Ubuntu server 14.04.5 HDD 30 Гб RAM 2 Гб Varnish+Apache(PHP)+MySQL Интернет-магазин построенный на Magento2. У меня возникла проблема. За последние 2-3 дня мой сайт часто бы...
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    Stuck Ctrl key in console

    Good day! After I went to the console, I logged in and launched MC. While editing a file event occurred, when like stuck Control key. And now matter how much I did not close the console window and did not run again, I...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @dannysusovic2016 You could connect to your droplet via SSH - unless that has been disabled? It's much easier to work through SSH than the Console in the control panel. If you reboot your droplet, it should releas...
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