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    Configuring Volumes

    In the configure volume tutorial when you create a volume for a droplet it says to create then mount my volume to /mnt/volume_tor1_01 can this be any other directory that still does not exist like if I wanted it to be...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Yes you can change the /mnt/volume_tor1_01 with another directory. So in the steps that you've provided just change /mnt/volume_tor1_01 to /home/example: ``` Create a mount point for your volume: $ mkdir -p /h...
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    Attach volume to preexisting directory

    Can volumes be attached to a preexisting directory? Currently, I have 10GB volume in TOR1 and my server also being in TOR1 and I'm trying to add more space to my existing directory which is /home/srcds is there a way ...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! Great question. The directory will need to be empty in order to mount it there, but this may not be so bad. This is basically what I would do: mv /home/srcds /home/srcds2 mkdir /home/srcds mount /dev/sda ...
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