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    Alerts on High Usage

    Yesterday, my site was very slow and not so responsive - each page was taking 30 seconds to load. The server wasn't down but on looking at the dashboard, we saw that there was high usage in the networking and IO graph...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! Great question. On the left-hand side of, under the "Manage" section, you'll see a Monitoring link. From there you can set alerts for these things. I also enjoy this service made by ...
    1 By davelavinsky Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    Send across folder to S3 / Glacier daily

    How do I send a single folder (it's the daily backup via cron containing some .sql files) across to Amazon S3 or Glacier ? s3cmd ? I came across this posted 5 years back :
    1 By davelavinsky Backups Ubuntu 16.04
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    Custom php.ini setting in Ubuntu 16.04 using webmin

    I am on a Ubuntu 16.04 droplet with webmin installed. Where do I add a custom php.ini setting ? This is what I want to add : browscap = "/home/username/publichtml/phpbrowscap.ini"
    Accepted Answer: Webmin php.ini files for each virtual server are located in user's etc directory. Path is in following format, /home/AdminUser/etc/php7.0/php.ini Change AdminUser to your domains admin user and open it with nano. So...
    3 By davelavinsky PHP Ubuntu 16.04