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    How can I turn my droplet with ubuntu 20.04 into an email server with my web domain

    Someone can tell me several ways how I can transform my droplet into an email server, explaining step by step. Apart say if I have my droplet with LAMP and Wordpress with my website worked I can not become an email se...
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    Download plugin within WordPress, WordPress itself ask me for credentials from my server

    Help me, I was able to download wordpress with LAMP in a different way of tutorial, but I want to download the plugins like woocommerce, elemetor and to download any plugins, wordpress asks me for credecianles from my...
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    Good afternoon, post a previous comment but I already solved it I had to delete that question and now I have a problem. After following the tutorial (How to install WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04 with a LAMP stack) and put...
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    Good afternoon, everybody. Please someone help me, yesterday I did the whole step of LAMP in the same way install the security Let's Encrypt and I was installing wordpress then press the user of mysql who believes wit...
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    Problemas para instalar php en Ubuntu 20.04 LAMP

    Good night, help me I am tired and I do not understand this tutorial, I do all the steps to get to install php that says tudominio can be more specific please in the /var/www/yourdomain folder that should be put becau...
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    Transferring files from one droplet to another droplet within my account

    Good morning everyone, I have a question, I have my 4 domains of my clients within the same drop of $ 15 but I want to know, if I can transfer each domain in each drop of $ 5 that is, it would be 4 drops of $ 5 and de...
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