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    Struggling to open remote mysql connection

    I've set bind address to and now have mysqld 270434 mysql 24u IPv4 1223739 0t0 TCP *:3306 (LISTEN) If I nc -vc [ip] 3306 I always get operation timed out. I've tried commenting out bind ...
    1 By deanoboy MySQL
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    Passwordless SSH servers - what backup plan?

    So in general I have been creating droplets without passwords and adding my macbook ssh key as the only way yo access them. All has been going fine so far but I just have a few questions: If my macbook were to set on ...
    2 By deanoboy Backups Security Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04
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    give someone limited ssh access

    I have multiple droplets which I have set up automated backups to s3 so on each server the .s3cfg file contains my amazon secret keys. Now someone wants ssh access to their server they can go in there and get my s3 ke...
    1 By deanoboy Backups DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    mysql shut itself down on a clean server install?!?

    I created a new droplet from a one-click app of phpmyadmin on ubuntu 14.4 then uploaded a wordpress site (did some basic stuff like enable mod rewrite and firewall etc...). Left the server/site alone for a couple of h...
    2 By deanoboy MySQL Ubuntu