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    How can I add subdomain as alias in digitalocean?

    I have droplet with wordpress on DO. Also I have cloudfare A type record as (ip is droplet ip). It working well but I want adding new alias as If user enter he get ...
    0 By degorych WordPress DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Droplets DNS
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    How to synchronize my mysql cluster with database in droplet

    I have a managed cluster with mysql and a droplet with mysql. Can i sync them. Data will change on the managed cluster. After changing the data, I want to update them in my mysql droplet as well. This can be done?
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I believe that you can only do a manual sync, for example, use the mysqldump command to export your database from your Managed MySQL cluster and then import the .sql dump to your local MySQL instance on your Dr...
    1 By degorych MySQL
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    Can I access database (mysql) logs?

    I have a mysql cluster, I can go to the "Logs and Queries" tab and see what I need. But I would like to have access to the logs to associate them with my elasticsearch. Can I access the log files? How are database que...
    3 By degorych MySQL DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
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    How install filebeat module to mysql cluster

    I have a mysql digital ocean cluster and I want to transfer logs from my database to logstash. How can I install the filebeat module for mysql cluster?
    Accepted Answer: I don't think that this would be possible, as with the Managed MySQL servers you would only have MySQL access and not direct access to the server itself via SSH for example.
    1 By degorych DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database