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    Connection timed out from Russia Only

    Hi In the last couple of month, I noticed that a few Russian users complained that my app isn't working in Russia. This is very strange since all my other users can connect, I can connect, and Postman monitor doesn't ...
    1 By deishelon Load Balancing Nginx Node.js Ubuntu
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    Expand storage with Block Storage

    Hey! I'd like to know how to expand existing disk with block storage? Currently my droplet is running out of storage and I'm thinking about using Block Storage, but I'd like to expand with it already existing folder e...
    Accepted Answer: Using block storage is almost like attaching a USB drive to a laptop. It shows up on your Droplet as a separate drive. That said, you can mount the block storage /home/www-data and store your data there. The first ste...
    1 By deishelon Block Storage Storage Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04