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    How to reuse DO LoadBalancer previously created through Kubernetes?

    Thank you for the transparency.
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    Planning to support multi AZ Kubernetes deployments?

    Hi, are there plans to support Kubernetes clusters that span multiple availability zones within one region? Would be great to know from a resiliency standpoint. Dennis
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    Reuse volume as PVC?

    Hi, is it possible in any way to create a PVC / PV and link it to a currently existing, unbound volume, which was previously created via a Kubernetes cluster? If this would be possible, it would enable quick migration...
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    How to reuse DO LoadBalancer previously created through Kubernetes?

    Hi, when creating a Kubernetes cluster and using a load balancer to host any public service, its easy to imagine that there would be anything going terribly wrong with the cluster. In that case I would like to create ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi Dennis, Thanks for your question. I'm Tyler, the product manager for our Load Balancer product. At this point in time, it's not possible to re-use an existing LB. It has to be generated as a new LB in order to get ...
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    How are Kubernetes Node updates handled?

    Hi, how are Nodes within a Kubernetes Cluster upgraded? Is there a mechanism in place? If so how is it working? Is there any documentation on that topic?
    Accepted Answer: Here is the full write up on how managed Kubernetes is upgraded inside of DO, there are both manual and automated updates that are available:
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    No Node Pool Droplet size information?

    HI, when creating Node Pools for the Kubernetes clusters there are no node size information within the UI. It would be useful to see the node type / size there to know which node pool to change in size. DO team, pleas...
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