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    do you provide ssl certificates also?

    DigitalOcean doesn’t offer SSL to buy. You can find a lot of providers outhere. I would recommend some from namecheap I think its c…
    By DianaM
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    High Traffic site: what is the rigth server ?

    I read @Lajamerr comment. As a reply to your question but as for @Lajamerr answer, I would say this: Install Ubuntu 14.04, put t…
    By DianaM
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    http-https redirect / Positive SSL on nginx

    Hi guys, This is my first time here asking questions, untill now I read and learned from the best of you. So, I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my Droplet, configured EasyEngine on it with nginx / php5-fpm and fastcgi. I bo...
    3 By DianaM