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    How to install Multisites on a LEMP droplet with Wordpress installed???

    I want to add my subdomain for my Wordpress blog, and i can't install phpmyadmin, so... I think that multisites could be an alternative, but i can't modify MySQL database because MySQL was installed when i bought the ...
    1 By DIEGO00AQ Nginx DNS WordPress LEMP MySQL PHP DigitalOcean
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    How to install Ghost and Wordpress in the same Droplet?

    I want to install two CMS in the same droplet, i use Ubuntu 14.10 and Fedora Workstation (last version)... Thanks ...
    1 By DIEGO00AQ Ghost WordPress Fedora DigitalOcean Control Panels System Tools
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    The storage is refreshed every mont?

    I want to buy an droplet but my question is "The storage is updated every mont?" Example The 30Gb of SSD storage are refreshed every month OR the 30gb are set?
    1 By DIEGO00AQ