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    All pods scheduled on a single node. How do I balance pods on managed Kubernetes?

    I have a managed Kubernetes cluster with 2 nodes and around 50 deployments/pods. However, all 50 pods are scheduled on a single node while the other node is completely empty. How do I get the scheduler to schedule new...
    Accepted Answer: Try using podAntiAffinity or podAffinity in your deployment
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    Can I remove cilium in managed kubernetes?

    I'm using managed kubernetes. Doing 'kubectl top pods --all-namespaces' showed me that the cilium pods are taking significant amount of CPU. I did not install the cilium pods. They came with the managed cluster. kube-...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Cilium is the component that provides the software defined network for the cluster. This is required for pods and internal components to communicate properly. You should not remove them. Any changed to the c...
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    Configure kubelet in managed Kubernetes

    Is there anyway to configure the kubelet in DigitalOcean's managed Kubernetes? I would like to configure the eviction policies: There seems to be a ...
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