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    Where is docker-compose run web .. putting its files?

    I'm running the command "docker-compose run web startproject composeexample ." and it's operating correctly, localhost:8000 shows Django is working, but I can't find the files like that are p...
    1 By dixonpete Docker Ubuntu 16.04
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    Can both password authentication and an SSH key be used on the same account at Digital Ocean?

    We have a user who has an issue using an SSH key and would prefer to keep using a username and password to log in.
    Accepted Answer: Hello friend! Absolutely. You will need to make sure that "AllowRootLogin" is set to yes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, then restart the SSH service if you had to change that. Be sure to work hard on that password, as merel...
    2 By dixonpete DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    Why does our VNC connection no longer work?

    I set up our new other Digital Ocean account up for VNC and had it working but now we can no longer connect using VNC. Simple SSH connecting to the droplet is fine. If it matters my boss and I were accessing the dropl...
    Accepted Answer: Hello friend! VNC will protect itself against login attacks and prevent login after too many failed attempts. There are people out there who are scanning IP ranges for open VNC ports and then trying to brute force log...
    1 By dixonpete Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04