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    How to transfer SSH key to new local machine

    I have just bought a new laptop and I was hoping someone could help guide me on how to download the SSH key from my Ubuntu 14.04 droplet onto my new machine so that I may access my machine again. Thanks in advance.
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    Best setup / method for sending mail from a PHP application ?

    OK, so - I am using a PHP application which needs to send emails to users such as welcome messages, forgot passwords, password changes, newsletters etc. I have configured Postfix successfully by following: https://ww...
    1 By dodea4 Apache Email Getting Started PHP
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    Remove URL extension with a2enmod rewrite with htaccess

    Hi there :-) I am trying to enable the URL rewrite so that when a person goes to they will not see the extension or .php . I cannot get it to work unfortunately, this is what i have done: ...
    1 By dodea4 Apache PHP