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    Service shut off without warning - locked out of ALL machines

    DO has locked me out of all droplets. They do not: Allow me to retrieve files Allow me to disable billing Allow me to dispute the resolution So I am going to be charged from here on out, and I am going to lose my inte...
    2 By dorsdep Billing FAQ
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    Does running a Tor Exit node imply copyright infringement?

    I would like to have a discussion concerning this. How can an exit node operator prove that he or she is not infringing copyright simply by allowing encrypted traffic to pass through the node?
    1 By dorsdep FAQ DigitalOcean
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    Why is D.O. so against Tor?

    How might they monitor the encrypted Tor traffic? I am running a Tor Exit node, and the services have been shut off without warnin…
    By dorsdep
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    Why is D.O. so against Tor?

    Now I have lost three servers to bogus DMCA takedown requests simply for running a passive Tor relay. Are D.O.'s staff so anti-privacy and anti-anonymity that they choose to do this? Makes me wonder how "secure" the ...
    2 By dorsdep Security DigitalOcean