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    Using DigitalOcean as Provisioner for Docker

    I was able to follow these directions to set up a Rails application on my local machine: Quickstart:Compose and Rails ( But, I would prefer for my development environment to be o...
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    How to create a droplet from docker-machine

    A few weeks ago, I created a droplet using docker-machine by following these articles as my guide: ( https://www.digitalo...
    Accepted Answer: There has not been any recent change to the create API endpoint that could cause this issue. From the output provided the actual error coming from DigitalOcean is 422 You specified an invalid image for Droplet crea...
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    How to run a shell script with Vagrant Digital Ocean provider?

    I've been running an application on Vagrant using VirtualBox as my provider and a shell script to provision the environment once the VM is running. My shell script uses a number of commands starting with "su -vagrant ...
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    Can Vagrant still be used with local VM after Digital Ocean plug-in is installed

    I read this article on using DigitalOcean as the provider for Vagrant: (https://www.digitaloc...
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    Error when starting Nginx

    I have been following the instructions on this article: (
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