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    No python application found - uWSGI + Flask + nginx

    After following this tutorial to set up flask on nginx and uwsgi ( on Ubuntu 14.04, I managed to ge...
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    Droplet not retaining settings and pre-existing user groups

    I'm having a nightmare starting a fresh new droplet; First, an issue with the locale. LANGUAGE and LCALL are always unset -> no problem, followed the several possible online solutions including: export LANGUAGE=enUS.U...
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    Install gfortran compiler

    This was dead simple: sudo apt-get install gfortran . Locally I installed this on my mac OS using an installer .dmg, getting …
    By dter
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    Install gfortran compiler

    I have some python packages which are based on fortran and require f77 and f90 compiling. Is it possible to install a gfortran compiler on my unix droplet?
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