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    Is .NET Core still supported in DO, or was it deprecated?

    Hello @pincheera and @hansen! Happy to provide some additional clarity on this. We added the .NET image as a test while we were…
    By dwilkin
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    How To Use the DigitalOcean Ghost Application for Ubuntu 16.04

    ARCHIVED: Ghost is a light-weight open-source blogging platform. It's fully customizable and has many themes available. Using DigitalOcean's one-click Ghost application, you can create a Droplet with Ghost pre-install...
    By Darian Wilkin DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Ghost Nginx Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    How do I switch my DNS resolvers away from Google?

    Recently many users have had issues with Google's DNS resolution, which have really highlighted the need for a distributed internet! With that in mind, I wanted to write up a guide on how to update your DNS resolvers...
    6 By dwilkin DNS DigitalOcean FAQ Linux Basics Linux Commands Miscellaneous Networking CentOS Debian Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to fix the March 2017 Ubuntu DNS resolution issues

    As of March 20th, many Ubuntu users across the web were suddenly having DNS resolution issues pop up in their applications due to a bad update pushed out by Canonical (the maintainers of Ubuntu) which breaks DNS resol...
    11 By dwilkin DNS PHP Email FAQ Miscellaneous WordPress Networking Ubuntu
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    How to close out Digital Ocean cloud account?

    Great question! Once you’ve destroyed all of your Droplets, you can fully deactivate your account here: https://cloud.digitaloc…
    By dwilkin
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    Does Digital Ocean come with a cape and a motorcycle like Amazon Lightsail?

    You hear a lot of opinions on capes and motorcycles in the developer community. Some say “They’re an unnecessary luxury”, while ot…
    By dwilkin
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    Letsencrypt DNS problem looking up A

    There are no issues in our systems at this time but a massive DNS provider “Dyn” is experiencing a massive DDoS attack at this time…
    By dwilkin
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    DigitalOcean 1-Click Application Images

    This series links all of the DigitalOcean 1-Click Application images into a cohesive list. Articles are listed in the order that the images are shown on the create droplet screen. New articles are added as more applic...
    By Kamal Nasser, Andrew SB, Andy Rothfusz, Justin Ellingwood, Darian Wilkin, Etel Sverdlov, Ryan Quinn and Melissa Anderson DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Ruby on Rails Nginx MySQL Ubuntu WordPress DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04 Python Django Python Frameworks PostgreSQL Docker Dokku Git Ghost MEAN MongoDB Node.js Drupal Applications LAMP Stack NoSQL Logging