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    How to allow SSH connections only from my country on Cloud Firewalls?

    How do I set IP ranges on Digital Ocean Cloud Firewalls to allow SSH connections only from my country? I use dynamic IP I know that my country uses IP starting with 187, 189, 200 and 201 I didn't understand what /8, /...
    Accepted Answer: @edirpedro The Cloud Firewall service doesn't allow you to block requests from a specific country. You can allow an IP range, though unless you're 100% sure that your country/ISP owns all IP's in all four ranges, by ...
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    Error to access File and Directory names with accents

    I have a documentation tool that uses directory and file names as titles, like /docs/Catálogo/Extensõ, so I need to write with accents, but it makes files and directories not accessible to other tools lik...
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    What to configure in LAMP to operate similar to hosts?

    I want to know what I need to configure to make my VPS run websites with the same support we usually have in hosts. Locally in Mac OS I have MAMP and it operates similar to client's hosts, but LAMP configurations is a...
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