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    Joomla is show error 500 uppon transfer

    I have installed LAMP with Ubuntu distribution and move a joomla! 2.5 website to it. Wordpress seems to work, but the joomla installation just shows me an error 500. Any ideas?
    1 By efiminzer Joomla Apache Deployment Ubuntu
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    How to uplaod file from computer with console?

    Thank you both for your answers. I ended up transferring the file through FTP.
    By efiminzer
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    How to uplaod file from computer with console?

    I want to upload a large file so I want to do so from the droplet's console. The file is on my compouter. How do I do that?
    Accepted Answer: Running a command on your local computer to upload files to your server is pretty easy on macOS or Linux where you can use scp: scp -r <^>/path/to/my/files<^> root@:<^><^>:<^>/path/on/my/server<^> or rsync r...
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