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    How To Track Network Latency with SmokePing on FreeBSD 11

    SmokePing is a network latency tracking tool. Tracking your server's network latency can give you a useful picture of the overall health and availability of your server. This tutorial will show you how to install and ...
    By Vinícius Zavam Monitoring FreeBSD
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    How To Upgrade FreeBSD from Version 10.2 to 10.3

    Keeping your FreeBSD server updated is an important part of system administration. This guide walks you through the entire upgrade process.
    By Vinícius Zavam Security Linux Basics FreeBSD
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    How To Install and Configure OpenNTPd on FreeBSD 10.2

    NTP, the Network Time Protocol, is a standardized protocol providing ways to synchronize time on various operating systems. OpenNTPd is a free and easy-to-use implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP), origina...
    By Vinícius Zavam Miscellaneous FreeBSD