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    Can Digitalocean add BHIM UPI Payments for pre-payment in India

    Paypal payment process are declined by the new RBI Regulations in India. For a better payment process, can you guys add the support for BHIM UPI Payments for pre-payment in India. It will be easy to use. Or adding sup...
    1 By eldho Billing
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    Confusion in ( Hosting Control Panel ) Pricing

    I am confused with FASTPANEL® pricing model. As of now, they offer a fully-functional version of FASTPANEL®. After the promotional period, do I have to pay for the control panel? I also see on their website: https://i...
    2 By eldho Control Panels
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    Plesk Panel is loading very slow. How to speed it up?

    I have installed Plesk Panel in my $5 droplet. And the website loads smoothly and fastly. But the Plesk Admin panel is loading very slow. How do I make it load faster? Even though I don't have much traffic to my site ...
    2 By eldho Applications Ubuntu 18.04
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    cPanel installed, Wordpress does not send emails

    Is cpanel free of cost? I have heard it will cost around $15/month extra.
    By eldho
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    Slow loading of my wordpress admin session

    I have installed Plesk control panel. Inside it, I installed WordPress. But when I log in to my WordPress admin dashboard, the server is responding very very poor and Cloudflare tells Web server is down. My site has n...
    Accepted Answer: This question was answered by @eldho: Thanks for the support man. I finally found the real problem. That was because of the ModSecurity issue. I turned it off. Now it loads perfectly alright without any delay for upda...
    1 By eldho WordPress Ubuntu 18.04