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    htaccess redirect non-existent directories to index.php

    Goal: have redirect to Issue: 404 I've meticulously followed: Confirmed: Activate Mod_Rewrite ✓ C...
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    Enable .htpasswd File for Subdirectories

    Resolved: Yes, you can list multiple directories in a .conf file. However for this, you do not need to. Make sure your ap…
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    Enable .htpasswd File for Subdirectories

    I followed this tutorial ( to get .htpasswd working, however I think I've really confused this. I basi...
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    Virtual Host Setup: Assign specific website to IP (default)

    I just setup my droplet as a virtual host (LAMP + Ubuntu) and successfully added 5 websites! win! However, it seems to have chosen one of the five as the default when I visit my IP address directly. Is there a way to ...
    Accepted Answer: Look for the VirtualHost blocks in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled that you want to set as the default. Make the following change(s) <VirtualHost *:80> or <VirtualHost *:443> to <VirtualHost _default_:80> or <Virt...
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    Enabled PHP functions: fopen, fclose, fwrite

    I just setup my first Ubuntu server and things were going smoothly until I realized that my tiny php script: <?php // write email to a file if (isset($_POST['email'])) { $myfile = fopen("emails.txt", ...
    Accepted Answer: Congratulations on your first server! Try setting ownership of the emails.txt file by running the commands below. I'm assuming your php and emails.txt files are located in /var/www/html folder, if not you can change ...
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    How To: Whitelist CloudFlare IPs

    When trying to setup Cloudflare DNS for SSL for my DigitalOcean Ubuntu server, I received a "Error 521" and started troubleshooting. I found this article:
    Accepted Answer: MDS nailed it in the comment section, essentially when your are getting a 521 error ( on SSL requests, but non-SSL requests work ...
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