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    MySQL Crashing -512MB Droplet + Sentora -Support Barracuda file format

    Hi everyone I have a droplet with 512MB RAM and Ubuntu 16. I am runinng Sentora control panel. After install worpress I notice that MySql start to stop regularity. Then I try to solve this reducing the buffer pool si...
    Accepted Answer: @elpapoelg MySQL is most likely crashing due to insufficient RAM. 512MB isn't much when you're running both a control panel and full stack (Apache or NGINX, MySQL or MariaDB, PHP, etc). When it comes to control panel...
    2 By elpapoelg MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Is mandatory to configure dns in Digital Ocean?

    I have my domain in Namecheap and I configure my own dns there e.g and I point my domain to my VPS ip adress, and I configure too in my VPS cpanel my own dns e.g and...
    1 By elpapoelg DNS Ubuntu 16.04