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    FreeBSD + NGINX! How to configure and setup?

    freeBSD+NGINX install NGINX Port Step 1. cd /usr/ports/www/nginx Pre-Install Configuration Step2. make config-recursive …
    By ensoxyz
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    FreeBSD + NGINX! How to configure and setup?

    I've been trying to setup NGINX with freeBSD with no luck. I'm quite new to the platform and programming in general. I'm just a web designer but I'm trying to expand my skill set and knowledge base on the backend. I'...
    2 By ensoxyz Nginx Getting Started Configuration Management Networking FreeBSD
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    Got SmartOS Droplets? Linux is great but what about diversity?

    How many people regularly use SmartOS? How many people use Dragon/Open/Net/FreeBSD? I love linux and all its awesomeness however I think it would be freaking amazing if I could spin up a SmartOS droplet and/or a BSD d...
    2 By ensoxyz