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    How to create a limited ftp account?

    Hello So, now I have this problem... I'm able to create a new user and change it's home folder to where I want: adduser --no-create-home username chown username:username /var/www/html/ usermod --home /var/www/html/ u...
    4 By enzovecchio
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    Wordpress permission problem

    I was able to fix this problem using this: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/ This is giving ownership of th…
    By enzovecchio
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    Wordpress permission problem

    Hello guys, I'm working with ubuntu 14.04 with LEMP and WordPress in it, and now that everything is working (it's my first unmanaged host), I'm having a permission problem with wordpress. It doesn't let me edit the th...
    1 By enzovecchio