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    Can I assign a static IP to an App Container?

    Since unfortunately an app cannot access a managed db that is behind a firewall, I am looking at other options. I noticed that upon redeployment, an app will get a new IP assigned. While it's true I can update the fir...
    Accepted Answer: 👋 Esko, Thanks for the question. Static-IPs are not currently on the roadmap, however we do plan to allow listing Apps among a managed database's trusted sources. In the longer-term we also have VPC support on our r...
    1 By eparry DigitalOcean App Platform Firewall Networking
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    Connection pooling is not supported?

    So it’s on the server side, not the client side. Ok, that makes sense. I would clarify that in the docs as it could scare off devs …
    By eparry
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    Connection pooling is not supported?

    I just want to make sure I read that correctly, pooling is not supported by your managed Mysql instances? Does this mean I can only have a single connection from my ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Connection pooling is just a specific technique in handling connections, it means that connections are reused rather than created each time a connection is requested. Connection pooling is different from max_c...
    2 By eparry MySQL DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database