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    How to extend hosting services?

    Hello, I received this warning: «We are writing to inform you that your monthly billable usage of $1.58 has exceeded the $1.00 alert threshold set on your account. If you wish to adjust your threshold, or disable this...
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    How do I find out which country my server is located in?

    I looked everywhere. I can not find.
    By ephemer
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    How do I find out which country my server is located in?

    How can I find out the location of my hosting. Because it was set up by the administrator. Can anyone share the link if there is a possibility.
    Accepted Answer: Which datacenter are you in? Under your droplet name you should see a line like "1 GB Memory / 30 GB Disk / NYC1 - Debian 8.8 x64" the NYC1 (or SFO2, or TOR1, etc) indicated which data center the droplet is in. That...
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    How can a newbie connect and configure a VPS server, UBUNTU and Node js?

    Help me. I'm new. Neither of which I do not know at all. I bought the VPS server for the first time. I absolutely do not know how to connect and configure the server. Please tell me which version of UBANTU is better t...
    Accepted Answer: @ephemer When it comes to Ubuntu, I normally recommend the latest LTS (long-term support) release. That'd be 16.04 as of right now :-). To get you started, I'd recommend the following guide which covers NodeJS instal...
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