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    Wordpress site is redirecting to another wordpress site??

    I just set up a new wordpress one click install droplet and when i'm trying to log in into my admin panel, but my site seems to have been automatically hijacked by another site which is exactly the same. When i use my...
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    Someone hijacked my domain??

    I have a personal site i haven't checked in a while and today decided to, and my domain is redirecting to a http only login page called "The Power Portal", i never heard of it and i'm not responsible for it. https://i...
    1 By epsilonprime21 DigitalOcean Accounts OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Website is down after backup, can't figure out what's wrong.

    I've been having a lot of issues with my droplet, i have a wordpress install and it had been running incredibly slow all of the sudden (last 1-2 days), i thought it could have been cloudfare so i took it down. Doing t...
    1 By epsilonprime21 Apache Ubuntu WordPress Backups