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    Access denied for new file uploaded to Spaces when accessing via custom Subdomain and Edge URL

    Having the same issue. It only happens on 50% of the files I upload.
    By EricMathison
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    With NY3 spaces still down, what latency can I expect connecting my K8s cluster in NYC1 to Spaces in SFO2?

    Does this use the global backbone and does this count towards bandwidth usage out of spaces back to NYC1? More specifically, I'm interested in figuring out how long it will take to transfer several (30-50) 200MB-400MB...
    1 By EricMathison Object Storage
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    How do you troubleshoot Helm and Tiller?

    I was able to deploy several charts a few days ago but starting yesterday I cannot get helm to connect with tiller. I've tried updating to 2.12.3 but still having the issue. There are no logs on the tiller pod, and d...
    1 By EricMathison Kubernetes Ubuntu
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    Will reinstalling a nginx custom build overwrite current settings?

    I'm using RTCamps custom bulid of NGINX without EE. There is an update for one of the modules included in his build, but I'm hesitant to reinstall nginx again because I'm not sure if I'll lose all my configurations. ...
    1 By EricMathison System Tools Nginx WordPress Linux Commands PHP Ubuntu
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    Load Balanced Nginx Firewall on Ubuntu

    I am setting up two nginx web servers which will be behind a load balancer, either haproxy or nginx powered... not sure yet. Even though I plan on using Sucuri Web Firewall, it can be bypassed so I'd like to implement...
    1 By EricMathison Security Firewall Load Balancing Scaling Ubuntu
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    Wordpress Scaling Infrastructure

    In reference to this article: is there a nice 'starting' point that I can implement which will allow the adoption...
    1 By EricMathison Deployment WordPress Server Optimization Nginx Ubuntu