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    Code-server.my_domain not directing to the code-server page

    Hello! I'm trying to setup code-server on CentOS 7, but I am unable to get to code-server.my_domain. I am able to go to http://mydomain (which directs me to the CentOS welcome page), but going to code-server.mydomai...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @esquire, What you would need to do is add an A record for your subdomain name to point to your Droplet's IP address. Also note that once you make the DNS change, it could take up to 24-48 ...
    1 By esquire CentOS Nginx
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    Change SSH key of root account

    I’m relatively new, so there’s probably better/more elegant solutions somewhere, but here’s my best guess. Do you still have the…
    By esquire
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    When going to my server in the browser, it shows the CentOS welcome page instead of nginx. How can I fix that?

    I am running CentOS 7 on a droplet that I'll be using as a web server. When I go to http://myserverip, it displays the "Welcome to CentOS" page. I've followed the instructions to install, start, and enable nginx, but...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Based on the netstat output that you've provided, I don't see Nginx running on your server. I've noticed that you've shared the article on how to install Nginx on Debian 10. I would recommend following the step...
    1 By esquire Nginx CentOS