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    Virtual hosts redirecting to wrong domain

    I had multiple virtual hosts and everything was working perfectly, I added an extra one today and now all my previous hosts redirect to the new one. This is what I get when I run apache2ctl -S AH00558: apache2: Could...
    1 By esteban89 Apache
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    SSH Key to Existing Droplet

    I manually edited my authorized_keys file and added my ssh public key. However when trying to login using the private key in putty I get a disconnected no supported authentication methods available (server sent public...
    2 By esteban89 Security
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    Other domains pointing to my IP address and mirroring my website

    I found in my analytics that at least 3 other domains are mirroring my website by pointing to my ip address. Is there a way to automatically prevent this without having to setup a vhost and 301 redirecting to my websi...
    2 By esteban89 DNS Ubuntu 18.04
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    Mysql Refusing my Connection on a new install

    Just installed LAMP following the instructions, I uploaded my code which was working perfecty locally and I got an Error500. Checked the apache logs and getting: [Tue Apr 17 16:26:54.072762 2018] [:error] [pid 15636]...
    1 By esteban89 MySQL PHP Ubuntu 16.04