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    Host blog as a subdirectory

    Hello, I have a static NextJS blog that I would like to host on the subdirectory of my main site. Like this: I've tried uploading the files and creating a location block like this: ``` location /blog...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, With Next.js, you need to start your node service on a specific port like <^>3000<^> for example with npm run. And then you could use Nginx as a reverse proxy to that port with the following configuration: ...
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    Host app on sub directory of main app

    So I have my main site that's built with react and express. Now I want to add a blog part to my site that's built with next.js. However I don't want to host it on something like I would rather host it...
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    Trouble redirecting www to https

    My attempt is in the last server block. Just note I replaced with the actual domain in my app. Thanks. ```nginx server { listen 80 defaultserver; listen [::]:80 defaultserver; root /va...
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