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    Connection refused when running `wget http://localhost:5000`, causing 502

    I'm running nginx, reverse proxying http://localhost:5000 on the inside (which is an ASP.NET Core server). When I open my droplet on the outside I get the error 502 Bad Gateway (the nginx page). So I investigated by...
    1 By fdghfh6536 Nginx Linux Basics Ubuntu
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    How much RAM/CPU will this need?

    I'm going to run the following software on an Ubuntu droplet: PostgreSQL An ASP.NET Core Server app A Discourse Server (has it's own PostgreSQL) I will be running these each in Docker containers behind NGINX. How much...
    2 By fdghfh6536 Applications Linux Basics Getting Started Storage DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    GitHub Student Promo Won't Work

    Hey! I've had a Digital Ocean account for a while, though I have never used it (never created a droplet). I recently got my 'GitHub Student Pack' that had a promo code, but sadly it won't work as the site says its fo...
    Accepted Answer: Don't worry, I had the same problem when I got mine code. You need to Contact Support ( and they will add redeem that code for you :)
    2 By fdghfh6536 DigitalOcean